Industrial Pump

Submersive Sweage Pumps

NS (Submerside Sewage Pumps)


Delivery size up to 250 mm Capacity up to 800 m 3 /hr Head up to 90 metres.


Up to 90° C


Impellers are with single vane or multi vanes in semi-open, enclosed or free flow design. Maximum permissible solid size up to 105 mm (max.). Two Mechanical Seal in tandem arrangement to ensure perfect sealing.

The pumps can be offered with specially designed wear plate to facilitate handling soft, long fibrous material in sewage.


Raw Sewage, screened sewage, contaminated effluents, industrial waste water, storm water, trench and tunnel water, mine water etc.


A specially designed cable generally confirming to IS:9968 part 1, for effective and efficient use in sewage. This cable is superior to standard PVC cable.

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