Our Mission

  • We recognize that our business is built around people who are our most precious asset.
  • We entrust ourselves to the enduring mission of achieving scientific distinction.
  • We aspire to be the solution provider of choice in this industry across the country.
  • We will strive to enhance the efficiency of customer (satisfaction) processes and thus build our image

Our Vision

  • To offer superior quality products, be successful in providing the best.
  • services created and made available by an empowered work force that is guided by durable values

Our Strength

  • Technology leadership built on a balanced mix of latest know - how and indigenous efforts.
  • Provide Quality leadership through QA systems.
  • ISO certified company.
  • Having a Global presence through exports and overseas branches.
  • Setting new standards in cost, quality and technology levels of groups products and services.
  • Presence of Well-structured group with professional approach to business.
  • Provide excellent after-sales service.

Our Strategy

  • Acquire and adopt new technologies.
  • Focus on processes and on measures of process performance.
  • Reduce and eventually eliminate all avoidable delays and wastes.
  • Augment knowledge and skill of people at all levels of the organization.
  • Enhance motivation and participation of all our people.
  • Forge strategic alliances with our collaborators and partners.
  • Maintain a congenial work atmosphere.
  • Promote innovations and improvements in all spheres. Stress on doing things right first time, on prevention of defects rather than their detection and rectification.
  • Improve communication and interaction (among groups and individuals) within the organization.
Company Profile

SHRIRAAM ENGINEERING a member of MPM Brothers Balasubramanian group the reputed conglomerate of Tamil Nadu has its primary focus on Industrial Engineering and has been serving a spectrum of economic sectors in Tamil Nadu since 1974. Farm & Saltern mechanization, Industrial Engineering, Diesel prime movers, Industrial Lighting, Light & General engineering etc are the prime activity of the company.

The group forms a professional and dynamic organization, distinguished by its domain expertise, innovative technology and solutions across the globe, which has unswerving commitment to quality and excellence in its products & services and has earned an eminent position in the domestic markets. The group would now like to intensify its export efforts, on the platform of its product and technology strengths.

Shriram offers a wide spectrum of services encompassing manufacturing, marketing, sales, distribution and after sales service. Dedicated to sales and distribution and service, our company operates in the domains of:


Well structured group with professional approach to business.


Projects division of Shriraam organizes all its excellence related activities within the agenda of a quality system, geared to provide complete contentment to all customers, through error free implementation of supplies & services on time all times.

All parts delivered by the Shriraam workshop go through a 100% quality control inspection by our expert engineers. Apart from this, regular surprise visits are made to the factories to maintain quality control from the manufacturing level itself.

We believe quality is not an accident but a result of Hard Work.

In short, Shriraam Engineering Company guarantees you with a consistent quality of high precision products. Best of all, you are dealing with one of the most reputed companies in the engineering field worldwide.

We do not only believe in quality of products but we also strongly believe in quality of service.